Sterling Hunter Jumpers Riding Stable

 Sterling Hunter Jumpers is happy to support 2 Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) teams.  We field both a middle school and a high school team.  Team members do not need to have their own horse to participate or to compete.  The hosting schools provide all of the horses and equipment.  At competition, riders draw random horses  matched to their skill level.  With only a few minutes to get to know one another, rider and horse enter the competition arena.  Riders are judged on their equitation and horsemanship skills.  To prepare for this type of competition, riders must practice on many different horses.  At Sterling, we are able to provide a large amount of suitable mounts to best prepare our riders.  Team members are required to participate in weekly lessons and group practices.  This is a wonderful opportunity for young equestrians to gain experience without the exorbitant expenses usually required to compete.  IEA teams also prepare students for college equestrian teams and open doors to college scholarships.  Please click the links below and/or visit with Erin for more information.  Here is the link to the IEA

Sterling IEA Teams