Sterling Hunter Jumpers Riding Stable

Adults Only Sessions:  $100/session, meets weekly for 4 weeks, ages 18 and up

Our Adults Only Session curriculum changes every 4 weeks.  Topics may include: ground work and confidence, horse healthcare including first aid and nutrition, rider physical and mental fitness, mounted quadrille, and more.  Visit our "News" page for dates and topics

Partner Program:  $200/session, meets weekly for 6 weeks, ages 4-6 and their adult partner

This program is for young children and their adult partners (moms, dads, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc)  With our Partner Program you are able to take an active roll in your child's riding experience and education.  Partner and child work together with the help of an instructor.  The instructor will coach the partner on teaching the child to take care of, be safe around, and begin to ride horses and ponies.  In addition, partner and child will work together on educational work sheets and participate in fun games to learn the parts of the horse, colors, markings, etc.  Please note that riding is minimal with this program.  Children are taught the very basics of riding with a balanced seat at the walk while being led by their adult partner.  Each pair will receive learning materials and a certificate and prize at the end of the session.  Visit our "News" page for dates.

Happy Horsemanship Program:  $200/session, meets weekly for 6 weeks, ages 7-10

This program is for school-aged children and is designed to introduce them to the joys and rewards of horsemanship and riding.  Enrollment is limited to 4 children per instructor so that each child can get individualized instruction.  Each week the children practice haltering, leading, grooming, and help tack up their horse to ride.  Safety helmets are provided, and the children take turns riding to learn basic balance, posture, and control of the horse to start, stop and steer at the walk and sometimes the trot.  During the course, the class also learns through fun, hands-on activities, how to safely approach and move around horses; the parts of the horse's body, horse colors and markings, and basic care of the horse, instilling responsibility and compassion.  Visit our "News" page for dates.

Equine Experience Program: $200/session, meets weekly for 6 weeks, ages 11-15

This program is for the older school-aged children who are interested in entering the world of horses but are not quite ready to commit to weekly, intensive riding lessons.  This program introduces children to horses on a stress free level and introduces riding in small, easy to accomplish steps.  The main focus of the program is horsemanship and the children becoming comfortable working with the horses on the ground.  This is a very well rounded program, with the care of the horse and stable management being important parts of the curriculum.  In learning to care for horses, children learn patience, team work, love, trust, cooperation, perseverance, responsibility, and build self-confidence and self esteem.  Please note that there is minimal riding in this program.  Most students will only ride at the walk, focusing on balance and proper control and steering.  Curriculum includes: Nature of the Horse and Safety, Care of the horse (feeding and nutrition, stall cleaning, first aid), tack and equipment, horse breeds, colors, markings, parts of the horse, grooming, etc.  Lessons taught through fun, hands-on activities, crafts, games, books and videos.  Visit our "News" page for dates.

Sterling Special Programs

Not ready or don't want to participate in regular riding lessons?  Just want an introduction to horses and horsemanship?  Want to supplement your riding lesson program?  We are regularly scheduling 6 week sessions of the following programs.  Please note that we must have at least 4 participants per session to provide the class.  These are great for home school groups, girl scouts, mommy and me groups, or just for a group of interested friends!