Sterling Hunter Jumpers Riding Stable

*After a fantastic inaugural season, our IEA team is thrilled to welcome several new members!  We've already had some great team outings and are looking forward to our first competition in December!  We are excited to get our AEL team up and running and to be able to include the younger students!  Also, our adult riders are gearing up to create a fun and energetic "Old People's Riding Club"!  Check out our page with tons of info about these programs!

You asked for it, and we made it happen!  Holiday Half Day Camp dates are now available for December 2015 including kid AND ADULT CAMPS!!!  Check out our Camp Page!!

*  Horses available for lease!  For more information, click on "Sterling Services".  Leasing is a great (and affordable) option for those wanting to know what it's like to own a horse without the full commitment of actually buying their own and is also fantastic for those wishing to further their skills by riding more than just in a weekly lesson.  Check out our Lease page for more information!

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