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Lesson Prices

We operate on a monthly tuition basis.  A month of weekly lessons is paid in advance.  Please click on the blue button below to access our Lesson Policy.

Weekly 1-hour Private Lesson       $300/month

Weekly 30-minute Private Lesson $200/month

Weekly 1-hour Group Lesson        $200/month

Please contact us to schedule a trial/placement lesson.

sterlinghjbuda@gmail.com or by phone 512-673-7476

Sterling Lesson Program

Sterling Hunter Jumpers offers riding lessons for riders of all ages and skill levels.  From beginners to advanced competition riders, we can develop a program for you.  Our educational programs all have the same goal of creating happy, safe riders on happy, healthy horses.  We utilize two sets of progressive Learning Levels to achieve this goal: one for Horsemanship (riding) achievement, and one for Horsekeeping competency.  When students can demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for a level they are awarded colorful ribbons to celebrate their progress.  Study guides are available to enhance the curriculum.  This curriculum is designed to provide a solid base of knowledge and ability, with obtainable goals to help students track their progress from level to level.  Our lessons are primarily private lessons so that students can benefit from the instructors complete attention.  Beginner riders start on the lunge line to develop correct position and balance.  All riders are given instruction in basic Dressage to help with their equitation and communication with the horse.  Lessons progress at the students pace and are taught in a friendly, encouraging manner.  Group lessons are available as students progress (and with the instructors permission).  We offer hunter, jumper and equitation lessons both on the flat and over fences.  We believe in developing "well-rounded" horsemen so every student is given instruction in all aspects of horse care as well as training and riding.  We regularly host in-house schooling shows and attend shows ranging in levels from schooling to national competition.  We can help horse owners improve their horses performance and strengthen the partnership with their horse.  For those riders that don't own a horse, we have a large string of lesson horses.  We do not pressure lesson clients into buying their own mounts but encourage riders to try our Lease Program.  Our horses are all show quality animals and are safe and honest.  We consider each of our horses to be both family and business partners.  Our horses are treated with kindness and respect and in return, provide each lesson student with safe,confidence building experiences.

Sterling Hunter Jumpers Riding Stable