Ava ("13 Cherry Tree Lane") - ​9 years old, bay, Zangersheide, mare.  Ava is fancy, fancy and she knows it!  Beautiful, smart, athletic...what more could you want?  Ava was donated to our program by a wonderful family and we are so thankful that she landed with us.  Currently, she is ridden only by advanced riders as she tends to be "extra" and overly enthusiastic at times!  We can't wait to show her off very soon!  Her father and grandfather are both extremely well-known International show jumpers and she seems to want to follow in their footsteps as far as jumping ability goes!

Princeton ("Young, Dumb, and Broke") - 9 years old, bay, Oldenburg, gelding.  Handsome, handsome, handsome!  This boy is super good-looking and I think that it sometimes goes to his head!  He has plenty of experience showing in the hunter ring at upper levels but he really truly enjoys teaching less experienced riders how to do all the things.  Advanced beginner riders he will baby-sit while experienced riders can really talk him into showing off a bit!  Princeton was donated to us by a wonderful family and we couldn't be happier to have him with us!

Katie ("Bankrupt") - 26 years young, bay, Off Track Thoroughbred, mare.  After years of being one of our quintessential lesson horses as well as competing extremely successfully as a timed jumper, we keep trying to retire her and she just won't have it!  Katie has ovarian cancer that we are trying to manage; she still lets us know that she wants to work so we honor that by having her continue to teach beginner riders the ups and downs!

******We can't thank everyone enough for your extremely kind and generous donations!  We are working on planning a special Open House and Thank You event. Much love to you all!!******

Anyone who has been to SHJ knows how much we all love and appreciate our lesson horses.  They are the backbone of our riding program; our beloved partners and friends.  The funds received from the many lessons that our horses teach every week goes to their daily care, feed, bedding, farrier and veterinary care.  In order to ensure, the health and well-being of our students, clients, and staff, SHJ has been forced to make the very difficult decision to suspend our lessons until further notice, which leaves our beloved horses without a job.  During this time, they need your support so that we can be sure you and your children can return to the caliber of program that you have come to know and love here at SHJ.  

This is where our Adopt A Lesson Horse program comes into play.  All Sponsorships will go to help support the everyday care of our wonderful horses in this time of need. 

The monthly cost in just hay and grain for each of our horses is around $150.00, this does not take into account the cost of labor to feed and water them or to clean their stalls.  Additionally, utility bills to provide water, electricity to the "hot" fences, and more.  The average cost per horse, per month, is probably around $300 multiplied by a lesson string totaling 15 horses!  

Please donate whatever amount that you are able; please Venmo Erin @Erin-Givens-5 with the amount that you would like to donate and with a note of which horse you would like to Sponsor.  We will be posting videos, updates, and other activities on our FB page regularly.  Additionally, we invite any Sponsors to join us at an Open House when the COVID Pandemic has cleared up!  Additional perks are also in the works!

​We understand that these are uncertain times for all, and with the support of all of you, we look forward to returning to normal in the (hopeful) near future.  We can't wait for our lesson horses to be able to go back to work and have a barn full of riders again!

VENMO Sponsorship to @Erin-Givens-5

Diva ("Little Red Corvette") - 12 years old, chestnut, Welsh Pony/Paint, Mare.  Diva is the cutest pony ever and she knows it!  Her talent matches her looks!  Diva enjoys participating during "Pony Spa" activities because she has no problems with being dressed up!  She jumps as well as the big horses and is a head-turner in the show ring!  Diva came to us from our friend, Chrissy who was there when she was born and continues to follow her antics!  

Dolly ("Tennessee's Hello Dolly" - 13 years old, Brown, Paint, Mare. Yes, she is a registered Paint!  Her coloring is solid brown but both of her parents were registered Paints so she is as well!  Dolly was born in Tennessee at Johnny's grandparents farm; she came to us as a yearling.  It has been our pleasure to learn and grow with this amazing girl!  Though she may be small, she is mighty!  Championships in the jumper ring but she is also fancy enough for the hunters and equitation.  Dolly teaches intermediate and advanced riders how to communicate with finesse and tact.

Zandy ("Heartbreaker") - 17 years old, bay, Quarter Horse, Mare.   What can we say about Zandy?  Sassy, opinionated, Queen!   She has competed at National Pony Finals twice, has won numerous local, regional, and state championships and continues to bring home the ribbons for her young riders!  She gives us all the change to learn better horsemanship both in the ground and in the saddle so that we can reach a level of proficiency that meets (what she thinks) deserves her attention and effort!


​Gus, one of the most athletic horses that we've had the pleasure of working with!  We determined that Gus needed to try a change of job and is now semi-retired on a working ranch.

​Hosanna, the sweetest girl.  We were so lucky to have been able to give her a purpose and love in her last years.

Jazz ("Bourbon Street") - 15 years old, bay, Appendix Quarter Horse, Gelding.  Jazz is the sweetest of boys and extremely athletic!  He loves sour gummy candies and also enjoys speeding around a course of jumps!  He prefers to form a relationship with only a few riders at a time so he is only used in the lease program  and for intermediate to advanced riders.

Joe ("Little Peppy Joe Lena") - 19 years old, chestnut, Quarter Horse, Gelding.  Joe is Johnny's best roping partner, earning plenty of money and rewards in the team roping pen!  Joe also moonlights as a beginner rider lesson horse.  He is easy-going and just stubborn enough to teach a rider plenty!

Trouble, we didn't have enough time with you!  You were always the best of boys and we miss you every day!

Charlie, sweet, droopy-eyed old man!  We can't even imagine how many riders you packed around in your youth, but we sure do appreciate your steady, willingness to help beginners even in your old age.

Mac ("Ride the Wave") - 15 years old, flea-bitten grey, Holsteiner, gelding.  Mac is a ladies man and LOVES attention!  Sometimes he can barely contain his excitement when it's time to get tacked up and go for a ride!  Under-saddle he is a gentleman and the sweetest of sorts!  Mac's appearance is unique; he is what is know as "sway-backed".  The genetic disorder is actually caused Lordosis and does not limit his ability or cause him pain.  He is always happy to pack around a beginner or jump around a course with more advanced riders!

Uno, you always made us laugh with that tongue hanging out even as you would strut yourself in beautiful style.  Thank you for your many years as a lesson horse; we're so happy to have had you as a partner for a few of them.

Rocky ("Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em" - 26 years young, chestnut, Off Track Thoroughbred, Gelding.  Rocky was the first horse that Erin purchased as an adult.  She showed him in the jumper ring, being sure to school him extensively in Dressage so that they could be successful.  Rocky was one of our "go-to" lesson horses for many years, introducing a long list of riders to the show ring and teaching them each so much! These days, Rocky is  enjoying retirement with the occasional flat work lesson. 

Tucker ("Under the Influence") - 14 years old, flea-bitten grey, Welsh/Arab, Gelding.  Tucker has had quite the career as a pony jumper!  He has been both privately owned as well as a lesson horse at other barns, before we were lucky enough to have his girl, Emily, join us at SHJ and allow him to become a part of our program.  Talk about hops!!  This guy has them!  He can clear a heck of a jump and does it with unabashed enthusiasm!  Despite his size, he is not a "kids pony" and enjoys helping intermediate and advanced riders hone their skills!

Lacey Bay, you taught countless riders how to be correct, respectful, and resilient.  Thank you so much.

Abracadabra, "Dabby", was Erin's first horse and at the ripe old of age of 31, we said good bye to him on a beautiful spring day.

Diesel ("Pretty Boy Swag") - 16 years old, red roan, Quarter Horse, Gelding.  Diesel was bred and originally trained to be a working ranch or roping horse.  He didn't care for the job!  He found his passion in hunter/jumper land and is an absolute rock star for advanced beginner through experienced riders!  Diesel is a "talker" and will nicker in conversation with whoever is nearby!

Lesson Horses That We Were Lucky Enough To Call Our Partners And Friends

Jessie, was truly a "Unicorn" of a lesson horse; steady, gentle, wonderful!  Jessie was tired of the hunter/jumper life and is in semi-retirement at a therapeutic riding center (she's the favorite)!

Deco ("Ink and Paint") - 20 years young, Black and White, Paint, Gelding.  Deco spent much of his life as a Dressage horse before his loving owner, Kim, gave him to us.  He has truly "hit his stride" as a hunter/jumper.  You truly can "teach an old dog new tricks"!  Deco is a super solid citizen for advanced beginners learning to jump through experienced riders.

Sterling Hunter Jumpers Riding Stable