Sterling Hunter Jumpers Riding Stable

Sterling Hunter Jumpers is excited to welcome Coach Daniel Stewart to our facility December 7 and 8, 2019!!

Sterling Hunter Jumpers is excited to host a clinic and symposium with former US Team Coach, International Clinician and Author, Daniel Stewart.  Coach Stewart is a successful international trainer with over 25 years experience, having trained riders in the US, Spain, Portugal, England, Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Greece and the West Indies.  From 1999-2007 he coached riders on several US Equestrian Teams at World Championships, World Equestrian Games and Olympics.  As the internationally acclaimed author of the equestrian sport psychology book PRESSURE PROOF YOUR RIDING, rider fitness book RIDE RIGHT, and the brand new Fit and Focused in 52; he's widely considered one of the worlds leading experts on equestrian sport psychology and performance.

  • Coach Stewart will join us on December 7 and 8 to teach his PRESSURE PROOF Showjumping clinics as well as to lead a SPORT PSYCHOLOGY SEMINAR and a RIDER FITNESS BOOTCAMP WORKSHOP. 
  • We will provide some snacks and drinks but please bring some personal snacks as well.
  • Our facility includes a covered arena where the unmounted seminars will be held as well as a large sand arena will full course of jumps. 
  • Please bring your own chairs.  We do have bathroom facilities. 
  • In the case of severe weather, the clinic will be held at Austin Equestrian Center in Cedar Creek so that we can utilize their large covered arena.

Riding Spots have already been filled, but auditing of the riding clinics and participation in both the Sports Psychology Seminar and the Rider Fitness Boot camp are unlimited!

AUDITORS: Even though the riding spots are full...auditing Coach's clinics are EXTREMELY educational!  The auditing fee of $50 includes both days of the riding clinics and also includes full participation in Saturdays EQUESTRIAN SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY SEMINAR (read below for more info) as well as Sundays FITNESS BOOTCAMP WORKSHOP (info below).

EQUESTRIAN SPORTS PSYCHOLOGY SEMINAR:Enjoy this wonderfully upbeat and motivating seminar based on Coach Stewarts book PRESSURE PROOF YOUR RIDING.  Discover how to improve your focus, confidence and courage by learning a series of unique and surprising tools that will help you overcome fears, pressure, show jitters, negative memories, mistakes, doubt and more.  See how easy it can be to turn set-backs into comebacks!

E-90-EQ FITNESS BOOTCAMP WORKSHOP: For the first time ever a fitness program designed just for riders!  Treat and train yourself like an athlete by learning to build a fast paced and exciting bootcamp or circuit that will improve your stamina, balance, core strength, suppleness, posture, etc. using equipment found at the barn like mounting blocks, buckets, lead-lines, jump poles, cavaletti, x-rails, hay bales and more!