Sterling Hunter Jumpers Riding Stable

At Sterling, we offer several 8-week program options for those students who are new to or coming back to the sport, but who aren't quite ready to commit to weekly private or group lessons.  These programs offer a well-rounded curriculum of horsemanship topics as well as riding instruction.  Please click on the blue buttons below to find out if one of our programs might be a good fit for you. 

For BEGINNERS ages 7-12.

For adult and young adult (13 and up) BEGINNERS.

For adults and young adults (13 and up) with previous riding experience.

**Students may choose to participate in only a 4-week program for a reduced price; however, please note that the student will be required to attend only the first 4 meetings (cannot "pick and choose" which dates that they would like to attend.

8-Week Horsemanship and Riding Programs